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Every thought we think and belief we hold

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shapes our personal and collective reality. So ask yourself..

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What do you choose to believe? What will you think about today?

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  • Do You Pay Attention To Your Vibe?

    Posted on March 11th, 2011 Robyn No comments

    So now that we have set the stage, lets get things started with a real life example drawn from the pages of my life. Last weekend I went to a friend’s house for dinner and had invited a female friend (lets call her Cathy) whom I hadn’t seen in a few months to come along. I was looking forward to seeing her as we haven’t seen each other much in the last few years, mostly because of reasons like I am going to tell you about. Cathy within the first 5 minutes of our first conversation in several months launches into a typcial “I’ve been WRONGED” routine. (She’s had several over the years). This one went something like this: “You are NOT going to believe what Carl (ex-husband) did to me. He friend-ed that skank (a woman ex-husband had been “e-cheating with prior to divorce which was final early 2010) on FB, and then she friend-ed Paul and Sam (two shared male friends of the ex-husband). Can you BELIEVE the audacity of him?! I called and told him it was unacceptable and totally disrespectful for him to rub her in my face and he needed to knock it off.” I just looked at her and the only thing I could respond was “So? What do you care? You are divorced. And why are you friends with your ex on FB and why are you spying on him?” Turns out she wasn’t friends with the ex but she was friends with two common male friends who were also FB friends with her ex so she was seeing things via her News Feed off of their FB pages. She got very defensive to my comments saying that she wasn’t spying and she doesn’t post at all (so she is basically a voyeur :-) ) and she “only has 45 friends on FB”. Man, she spouted off that number like it was as meaningful as her blood pressure or cholesterol. So…..LOL I am not sure there is a web page long enough to discuss in how MANY MANY different ways this situation is pathway to personal misery and a pretty good example of how a lot of people operate without even being conscious of what they are doing but here we are; we’ve arrived at the first practice tip. While many guru’s will say that in order to work towards enlightenment, raise your consciousness, raise your vibration, your personal frequency, your “vibe”, you need to “just allow the moment to be” or to practice meditation or devotion.  I say the first step before you can allow the moment to be is this: BE SELF AWARE. This is not the same as being self absorbed.  As someone who has to operate in the real world and deal with real people, my best advice before you can even begin thinking about raising your vibration, whatever your motivation is to do so, is to start by stepping outside of yourself, your life, your behavior and observe yourself as if you were observing another person. Take Notice. If you were watching someone like Cathy would you jump right in and co-miserate and feed the story with encouragement,helping to increase the negative energy in the situation? Or would your first observations be: 1) why is she hanging on to the past? 2) why does she believe that the decisions of these 4 people have anything to do with her at all, particluarly given they probably don’t even realize that she sees the activity, 3) and why would she want to put herself into a situation where she knows it is possible that she will see things that will upset her.  Practice, for just a week, being able to notice your behavior when others are negative and noticing how much you contribute to your own misery. Notice how the decisions you make, the topics you talk about, the things you think about, the way your are behaving make you FEEL as they are occurring. I am sure that when Cathy was telling her story, she felt important and justified, not to mention interesting and exicting because she had a story. She was also probably looking for someone to validate her indignation and for some sympathy. Eckhart Tolle’s “pain body” doing its best work. So ask yourslef if your decisions, thoughts and actions are for your highest good and the highest good of the people that they will impact or are they only to feed the ego beast? Take notice and understand your motivations. Believe it or not, things that will lower or raise your vibe are easily discernable by the way they make you feel if you will just pay attention. There is more on this approach of “third person” and other tips coming up. In the meantime, just practice stepping back when you feel yourself in the middle of rant, a piece of gossip, some questionable behavior and take notice of yourself and your motivations and the physcial feelings from an objective perspective. 

    It is important not to judge what you observe. Just notice! This isn’t an exercise to beat yourself up. This is an exercise to help you recognize that you can take yourself off of automatic pilot and get reacquainted with your true, loving, lively, powerful, manifesting Self.  We will get into more on this step and other tips in the next post. if you have observations or experiences during this practice that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. Just email me at robyn@raiseyourvibe.net

    In the meantime, prayers that you recieve exactly what you need in this moment.

    Much Love Robyn

  • Keep It Simple – First Things First – Part 3

    Posted on March 8th, 2011 Robyn 1 comment

    There are a lot of websites, magazines and speakers claiming to point the way to enlightenment, the best way to manifest, how to raise your consciousness, aka “vibe”. Some of them, like Eckhart Tolle, have very simple messages, like “The Power of Now” but even that is a message that has little meaning for those who are not ready to hear it. He even jokes about the letters he gets telling him his book makes no sense on one of his audio sets. Others like Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext magazine, have wonderful messages but it is so over intellectualized I can’t even follow what they are talking about half the time. Spiral dynamics? Really? Jesus and Buddha didn’t seem to need such terms to share their message.  The problem is that these folks, however well intentioned they are, appeal to audiences that are already a ways down the road in developing the skills to rise above the mental noise, emotional pain and materialism of the world. The people that REALLY need the assistance need a champion if we really want to change the world. People need help getting over a job loss, a broken heart, financial worries, victimization, loneliness.  The vast majority of people are too busy trying to make it though the day, make a living, get everything done, to basically just cope. If you tried to talk to them about enlightenment or raising conciousness, you would get an irritated confused stare. You may as well be from another planet. THOSE are the people I am wanting to reach. It CAN be better, you CAN get over things you percieve to be of significant pain to you,  and you CAN manifest a better life but you aren’t going to do it in the mental and emotional space that you are currently residing. We are going to ease into how to shift out of that space with just a few simple concepts and some examples that will make you step outside of  your life, your rut, your drama, your frustration in order to have a better chance of recognizing what changes will help you and what exactly it is that needs to change. In the meantime, as always my prayer for you is that the Universe will deliver to your doorstep exactly what you need in this moment and the moments until we can meet again.

    Much Love


  • There’s No Magic Wand (or Product)

    Posted on March 5th, 2011 Robyn No comments

    I’m not trying to be a downer and I am not saying that there are no products out there that have value. What I AM saying is that it doesn’t matter what product you buy, if you aren’t willing to put in the effort, be honest with yourself, open your self to letting go, making changes and adopting new perspectives, there isn’t a product, guru or advice column in the world that can help you raise your vibration. I have products that I recommend on this website but they will only deliver in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put into applying what they teach.  These are tools that can make suggestions, provide you with methods that have been used through the ages and accelerate your transformation to a Master Manifestor but none of them are the magic wand. It takes simple, but often not easy, effort to shed the years of accumulated indoctrination and misguided belief systems that are holding you back. You must be willing: willing to let go, willing to change, willing to believe, willing to have faith, willing to persist, and most importantly – willing to start.  

    As in most things, you must run before you can walk. Many of the less known self-help gurus and even life coaches that I’ve come across on the web start right in as if everyone as most of the basics sorted out. Unfortunatley, most people don’t have the basics sorted out. People generally  want to jump right into manifesting. They have been told by Abraham Hicks “Ask and it shall be given” and that by our thoughts we create our reality.  Then they can’t figure out why, when they have kept up a mental mantra of “I am a millionaire” for days, weeks, or even , heaven forbid, MONTHS, they don’t win the lottery or have some windfall that makes this desire they are trying to manifest a reality.

    And unfortunately  marketing people know the sad simple truth about humanity – where we are collectively today most people are looking to get something, usually a large significant something, for nothing and they will buy the next “$97 unconditionallly guarnteed product” to help them get it if it is pitched to appear that is it virtually efffortless to do so. Well, here is the hard truth: change and success requires consistent engagement and effort. There is the nugget you really needed just gifted to you –  though far be it from me to stand in your way should you feel  inspired to donate $97. :-) And while it is simple, if often isn’t easy because it involves using mental muscles we have been conditioned NOT to use, recognizing that we operate on beliefs stemming primarily from indoctrination that we don’t even know we’ve received. And it also involves recognizing that we are more than our mind or our ego or our body and that comes after understanding that this point in the evolutionary stage mankind is predominantly ego driven. So we should start with the small simple things that everyone can do to increase their vibrational energy, no matter what vibrational level you are starting from.