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  • Stirrings That Inspire You to Raise Your Vibrations

    Posted on February 23rd, 2011 Robyn No comments

    In this day and age, I doubt there are few who have not heard of the Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks. Many of you who found your way here have no doubt been to a seminar of one sort of another. Or if you are a Christian, you have undoubtedly heard one or two prosperity sermons in the course of you Sunday sermons.  And yet, I can almost guarantee you are STILL lost along with most of the rest of the planet who hasn’t heard of any of this.  Are you still going through everyday experiencing all kinds of events that bruise or offend your ego, lower your faith in humanity and leave you frustrated with your lot in life? This guy hadn’t called you back after your first date, that stupid jerk cut in front of you on the interstate, that ridiculous woman doesn’t deserve to be in her position as your manager and is making your life a living hell. Or maybe your children are already on the way to making train wrecks of their lives, you don’t even recognize your spouse as the person you married and you are wondering if this is really what it was all supposed to be about? On any given day, does the list of offenses against you by humanity or a love interest have at LEAST 3 or 4 items on it. And this list keeps your brain going 24/7 ruminating on who was wrong, why they were wrong, more importantly, why YOU were more right about EVERYTHING, more deserving of the position, more justified in your anger etc. That were I was 20 years ago and I got to the point that I was EXHAUSTED from it all.  Meanwhile, something unseen and unknown which I kept trying to push to the the back of my mind was always quietly calling to me, telling me there was a better way, more to life than this constant struggling. I ignored it for a long time because I was, after all,  busy with my very, very important thinking about things and solving what was wrong with the world.  I can pinpoint the day, time and event that I finally got me to pay attention and start my search in earnest.  From that point forward, I had an unyielding need to understand myself, why I was here and why the world was so jacked up. Why was I going through all of this? And so I begin the search in earnest and I am going to share the many resources I found useful, what was going on for me when my manifesting was awesome and what was going on when it wasn’t. I am also going to open up an advice page. If you have questions about how to apply the concepts that are discussed in the context of your personal situation, feel free to email I will be happy to help you out.

    Prayers for you to receive in this moment, exactly what you need.

    Much Love


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