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  • Raise Your Vibe Recommendations

    These are recommendations straight from my personal library.  Each review will have a synopsis of content and key discussions, who I think the program would most appeal to and what benefits could be gained from the program.

    Audio Programs – Reviews Coming Soon

    The Highest Levels of Enlightenment – Dr. David Hawkins

    The Biology of Empowerment – Lee Pulos

    Spontaneous Evolution – Bruce Lipton

    The Psychology of Achievement – Brian Tracy

    Silva Ultra Mind ESP System


    The Nature of Personal Realty – A Seth Book

    Power Vs. Force – Dr. David Hawkins

    Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes

    Living the Science of Mind – Ernest Holmes

    Meditation Materials

    The Seeds of Enlightenment – Jeddah Mali

    Spring Forest Qigong – Chuny Lin