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  • Glad You’re Here

    We are in this together, my friend.

    Why would I, someone who doesn’t know you from any other surfer on the web, be glad you are here?

    Well, if you are here, you most likely got here by conducting some sort of search on raising your personal vibrations, the law of attraction, manifesting your desires, spirituality, the law of vibration or solutions to an issue that is causing you emotional or spiritual pain. Either way, if you did such a search, it means you have started your journey to achieve enlightenment or your search for that “something” that you feel will make you complete.

    Either way, before landing here you started a journey that will result in you becoming a better, more enlightened person of a higher level of consicousness than when you began. And THAT will result in a better world for all of us. To paraphrase Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power vs. Force, the efforts towards spiritual growth of any individual increases the consciousness of the entire Universe.

    How cool is that?! I bet you didn’t know that you had started an endeavor that was so important! :-)

    My own journey began literally decades ago. Began mind you. It is no where near complete though I can say my stress levels are low and my sense of inner peace is pretty good. While I am not perfect by any means, I have definitely —and thankfully —unplugged from a great deal of the personal drama that the vast majority of the population still suffers from  —an accomplishment for a former drama queen.  Today I can accept most things with a quiet equanimity I didn’t used to possess so something worked over the years.

    Some of my life experiences have been significantly challenging —- emotionally, spiritually and financially.  While they added immeasurably to my personal growth, I needed to find ways to deal with and accept the experiences in a constructive way. I decided at some point that I could NOT allow issues of the past, no matter how upsetting they were, to continue to influence my life going forward.  I have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours of reading books, listening to audios, watching videos and attending seminars, applying what I’ve learned. Obviously, somethings helped more than others but it has all made a huge difference in what my life is compared to what it could have become.  

    My desire is take all of these things I’ve experienced, the learning I’ve done and use them to their highest good supporting other everyday people in their search for answers and personal growth. I desire to contribute to elevating the consciousness of the Universe by sharing what I’ve experienced, what I’ve learned, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, what put me in turbo manifesting mode, what got me through various traumas and what rendered me spiritually dead in the water.  

    This blog will have content developed from my own observations about my personal struggles and triumphs. I will also have product reviews. This is NOT a website to that just promotes materials for monetary gain.  Trust me, Amazon and Google don’t pay that well in spite of claims in all the “something for nothing” propaganda that floods my spam box. Every product that is reviewed on this site will be something that I have personally read, listened to or watched. I will include an honest review and a summary of my personal opinion about who I think it would appeal to and what I think someone could possibly gain from the product.  To prove I own it myself, most of the time I will include a picture of MY copy, often a bit worn, of the Audio, DVD or book. Maybe even with Zoey, my canine companion on this journey.

    I would love to hear from you so please share your thoughts, your struggles, your own observations and even your questions. If I can help in anyway, it would be my privilege to do so. We are, in spite of most worldly appearances, all in this together.

    So as one more person that will potentially (and hopefully) experience some spiritual growth and benefit from the content included here and thereby help raise the consciousness of the Universe………

    I AM glad, REALLY glad, you are here.

    Much love and prayers for you to recieve whatever it is you need in this moment.