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  • Keep It Simple – First Things First – Part 3

    Posted on March 8th, 2011 Robyn 1 comment

    There are a lot of websites, magazines and speakers claiming to point the way to enlightenment, the best way to manifest, how to raise your consciousness, aka “vibe”. Some of them, like Eckhart Tolle, have very simple messages, like “The Power of Now” but even that is a message that has little meaning for those who are not ready to hear it. He even jokes about the letters he gets telling him his book makes no sense on one of his audio sets. Others like Andrew Cohen and EnlightenNext magazine, have wonderful messages but it is so over intellectualized I can’t even follow what they are talking about half the time. Spiral dynamics? Really? Jesus and Buddha didn’t seem to need such terms to share their message.  The problem is that these folks, however well intentioned they are, appeal to audiences that are already a ways down the road in developing the skills to rise above the mental noise, emotional pain and materialism of the world. The people that REALLY need the assistance need a champion if we really want to change the world. People need help getting over a job loss, a broken heart, financial worries, victimization, loneliness.  The vast majority of people are too busy trying to make it though the day, make a living, get everything done, to basically just cope. If you tried to talk to them about enlightenment or raising conciousness, you would get an irritated confused stare. You may as well be from another planet. THOSE are the people I am wanting to reach. It CAN be better, you CAN get over things you percieve to be of significant pain to you,  and you CAN manifest a better life but you aren’t going to do it in the mental and emotional space that you are currently residing. We are going to ease into how to shift out of that space with just a few simple concepts and some examples that will make you step outside of  your life, your rut, your drama, your frustration in order to have a better chance of recognizing what changes will help you and what exactly it is that needs to change. In the meantime, as always my prayer for you is that the Universe will deliver to your doorstep exactly what you need in this moment and the moments until we can meet again.

    Much Love


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